About us

We’re a top-tier digital agency based in the beautiful city of Båstad in south of Sweden. We do however consider the whole world to be our playground.

Collaborating with a diverse, top-tier ensemble, we are a collective of exceptional individuals, obsessed with our excellence in craft.

We also don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Strategy + Design + Technology

Meet the CEO

Björn Rutholm – a design driven leader that always has a smile on his face.

CEO and founder of PixelPappa, est 2019.

Senior advisor of all things design related. Always finding a way to make an impact, get the job done. Gather the people and get the results.

Picked as an accessibility specialist by Spotify in 2022.

Senior advisor for multiple educations such as UX/UI Designers and game developers.

Entrepreneur, enabler and doer of things. Lectures, do speeches and workshops for both large and small groups.

Currently building an experienced global team who brings an extensive knowledge in strategy, design, motion, engineering and growth. In order to keep assisting global brands, crafting exceptional innovative product experiences.

Our services

We invite you to explore our services and contact us to discuss your needs and ideas. We are here to help you make your dream a reality.

We deep dive into the heart of your project. With your input, we uncover your vision, goals and challenges. Aligning our expertise with your dreams. Together, we lay the groundwork for a unique holistic view of your business that sets the stage for innovation.

We dive deep into your project environment. Deciphering market trends and uncovering opportunities. We evaluate the competitive landscape, identifying key players and strategic openings. This comprehensive view informs our strategy, helping you navigate the ever-changing dynamic business landscape.

Competitor analysis
We look to help you understand how to gain a competitive edge in this phase. We dissect competitors’ strategies, strengths and weaknesses. This intelligence empowers you to make informed decisions, refine your approach and position your project for success in a crowded marketplace.

Journey mapping
We dive into your users’s experiences with intent. Journey mapping uncovers both key touch-points, pain points and opportunities for improvement. This strategic insight guides you in creating a seamless and engaging user journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Information architecture
Craft the foundation of your project with our information architecture expertise. We meticulously structure content and navigation. Ensuring intuitive access for users. This approach enhances user satisfaction, promotes content discoverability, and streamlines the overall user experience.

Ecosystem modelling
Digital products can exist by themselves, but they are usually part of a larger ecosystem. Our ecosystem modelling helps you visualise relationships, dependencies, and integration points. This holistic understanding fosters innovation and enables you to make informed decisions about project development and growth.

North Star Vision
Let’s shape your ideas into a North Star Vision. This phase is our canvas for creativity. We brainstorm, sketch and conceptualise. Refining ideas into extraordinary experiences. Your input drives our design, ensuring your dream is realised beautifully.

Business transformation

Propel your business forward with strategic insight. Our business transformation services guide you through a process of change, leveraging design thinking and innovation. Together we align your organisation’s goals with evolving market demands. Fostering adaptability and long-term success.

Heuristic Audit
Our heuristics analysis assesses your project usability against established design principles. We identify usability issues and optimisation opportunities. By aligning your design with the best practices, we ensure a user-friendly experience that resonates with your target audience.

Feature ideation
Elevate your project with inventive features. Our feature ideation sessions are playground of creativitey. We brainstorm, prototype and envision unique elements that will captivate your audience, infusing your project with distinctiveness and a touch of PixelPappa magic.

Structure your project with precision. Our wireframes are the blueprints that define layouts and functionality. We create visual guides, ensuring clarity and alignment with your project’s goals and user expectations. They go beyond typical page structure and inform details at the micro level like hover states, page transitions and interaction models.

Bring your ideas to life in a tangible way. We craft interactive prototypes that showcase functionality and flow. This hands-on approach allows you to test and refine your project’s user experience on a number of screen sizes and devices before development.

Look & feel
Craft a compelling visual platform. Our look & feel design is all about aestethics, motion and brand representation. We create a unique visual language that resonates with your audience, making your project visually pativating and memorable.

Design direction
Set the course for your project’s visual journey. Our design direction establishes the tone, style and mood. We define the creative vision and foundations that guide all design elements, ensuring a cohesive and impactful user experience.

Interface design
Shape your project’s user interface with finesse. We design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that prioritise functionality and aesthetics. Our interface maximise engagement and usability, leaving users with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Motion design
Motion creates emotion – and add life to your project. It enhances user engagement through animation and interactive elements. We create visually captivating experiences that elevate your project to new levels of engagement and interactivity.

3D Design
Explore the depth of design posibilities with our comprehensive 3D design services. We specialise in creating immersive visual experiences, using cutting-edge techniques to craft captivating visuals and interactive 3D elements.

Usability testing
Elevate user satisfaction through usability testing. We put your project in the hands of real users, collecting valuable feedback and insights. By evaluating user interactions, pain points and preferences, we refine your project’s user experience, ensuring it aligns perfectly with user needs and expectations.

Continuously improve your project’s performance with our optimisation services. We analyse user data, identify bottlenecks and implement enhancements. Our interative approach ensures your project remains efficient, user-friendly and aligned with evolving demands. Delivering a consistently outstanding user experience.

Platform scaling
Grow with confidence using platform scaling. We prepare your project for increased traffic and usage. Our expertise in scaling infrastructure ensures your project remains reliable, responsive and capable of accommodating user growth. Delivering a seamless experience even during high demand periods.

Static website
Simplify your online presence with static websites. We create lightweight, fast-loading web solutions that offer essential information and functionality. Perfect for simple web needs. These websites deliver a seamless user experience with minimal maintenance, ensuring your online presence is hassle-free and efficient.

CMS websites
Empower your online presence with CMS websites. We harness the flexibility of content management systems to create dynamic and easily updated web solutions. You’ll have full control over your content, makking updates a breeze. Our CMS websites offer a user-friendly experience for both visitors and content managers.

React native / Flutter apps
Elevate your mobile presence with React Native or Flutter apps. We leverage these versatile frameworks to develop cross-platform mobile applications that deliver a native like experience. With a single codebase, you can reach both iOS and Android users, ensuring your app is accessible to a broader audience.

Native mobile development
Achieve peak performance and functionality with native mobile development. We create mobile apps tailored to specific platforms (iOS and Android) using platform-specific programming languages and tools. This approach ensures an optimizsed user experience, taking full advantage of device capabilities and platform-specific features.

I had the privilege of working with Björn and his team at PixelPappa during a period when we set up an R&D project under the auspices of Bublar/Goodbye Kansas Group. PixelPappa and Björn are, in short, a joy to work with.

Professional, accommodating, and above all, solution-oriented. In a short time, they familiarized themselves with and understood the critical needs of my project – and delivered an outstanding prototype.

Wictor Hattenbach, Goodbye Kansas Group

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